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Young Arab Leaders supports the UNHCR’s #HandInHand Refugee Campaign.

May 22, 2018
“It is only through action that we can truly see tangible change” (Filippo Grandi, Commissioner of the UNHCR).

In line with its efforts to address refugee crises and with a powerful message of unity urging the world to remember the plight of refugees, UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency has launched the #HandInHand campaign centered around supporting needy refugee families in various parts of the world, at a moment when there are estimated to be about 22.5 million refugees worldwide facing numerous ordeals.

Launched in Ramadan 2018, the initiative has a special focus on widows and orphans, aiming to build awareness globally and raise funds to support refugee families in their basic daily needs, such as shelter, healthcare, food and clean water. It ensures that every donation translates to direct aid to the most vulnerable refugee families of which are Syrian and Rohingya families of widows and orphans.

Enacting on the values of compassion, empathy and charity of the Holy month of Ramadan, Young Arab Leaders (YAL) extends its resolute support to this admirable social initiative, which has the motive of ‘Leaving No Refugee Behind’. Furthermore, the support extended by Young Arab Leaders complements a community partnership between Young Arab Leaders and the UNHCR, initiated at the commencement of Ramadan 2018.

Every contribution, small and big, can go a long way in assisting refugee families with their staple needs. Young Arab Leaders invites you to donate your Zakat to this initiative, at to leave no refugee behind, working towards a better tomorrow."