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YAL Ramadan Iftar

Jun 6, 2018
Dubai Opera
In this blessed month of Ramadan, Young Arab Leaders (YAL) organized an Iftar for its members and valued guests sponsored by Entourage Marketing and Events with its Founder and Managing Director Mohammed Tayem, a proud YAL member. The Iftar took place last June 6th at the renowned Dubai Opera within The Opera District in Downtown Dubai. The event served as an evening of celebration and thanksgiving with people who extended support and friendship to YAL throughout the years. Beyond the Iftar, the gathering also provided an opportunity for everyone to network and explore new ways of collaboration. Muna Al Gurg, YAL Chairwoman and Director of Retail of Al Gurg Group, shared her best wishes on Ramadan as a peaceful month of reflection, spiritual devotion and sharing. She further encouraged everyone to actively contribute to a specific social cause conforming to the values of this blessed season. She stated that “every small act can make a big difference in improving lives worldwide”. Putting the spirit of sharing at heart, YAL commenced a community partnership with the United Nations Higher Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) that roots from the common objectives that both organizations share including the empowerment of the underprivileged. Muna also has the distinction of being a Board Member of the UNHCR. YAL serves an unwavering support for initiatives that address socio-economic challenges including refugee crisis. Through the mentioned partnership, the entire YAL network joined hands for the UNHCR Ramadan Campaign and urged everyone to channel their Zakat to the refugees within the region.