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Power Lunch With Najeeb Al Ali, Executive Director Of Expo 2020 Bureau

May 3, 2018
How will Expo 2020 Dubai, the first-ever Expo hosted in the MENA and South Asia Region, shape the future of the UAE?

Under the leadership of Chairwoman Ms Muna Al Gurg, YAL successfully hosted yet another Executive Power Lunch with Mr Najeeb Al Ali, the Executive Director of Expo 2020 Dubai Bureau, as the speaker on the above theme. The 14 attendees included Chairwoman Muna Al Gurg, Executive Director Nabra Al Busaidi, Board Members Ned Jaroudi and Yusra Al Hashimi and YAL Members, on the afternoon of 3 May 2018.

Power Lunch is a series of casual VIP discussions over intimate lunch with YAL Members and Board of Directors hosted by globally and regionally prominent speakers like Najeeb, with the purpose of fostering significant relationships within the community to solve the region’s socio-economic challenges.

Ned Jaroudi, YAL Board Member & Senior Advisor Innovation at Expo 2020 Dubai opened the afternoon by introducing Najeeb Al Ali and inviting the attendees to make the most of the insightful session ahead. Najeeb briefly introduced the momentum and latest advancements made by Expo 2020 Bureau towards building a foundation for Expo 2020 Dubai as a platform for innovation, technology and culture to bring the world together.

With over 70% of the Expo attendees expected to be International visitors, Expo 2020 is promoted as a festival of diverse cultures, catering to a sophisticated spectrum of needs, serving as a platform for creative innovation to shape the future of the world, under three key themes – Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability.

The integral role of Arabic content in representing the culture of the Arab World and promoting Expo 2020 as a hub of cultures was one of the focal elements of discussion. Najeeb also enlightened the audience on various key strategies that go into bringing together a diverse mix of delegates and visitors from Governments, Corporates, Startups & NGOs, and Academic Institutions from 200 participating countries with numerous agreements and partnerships.

Complementing the staunch belief that Innovation can come from anyone, Expo 2020 Dubai has the distinction of being the world’s first Expo wherein each country will have its own Pavilion – a key measure to encourage active collaboration among countries regardless of size and stature. The recent fact that Luxembourg is the first country to break ground on the construction of its Pavilion at the Expo site in Dubai was also discussed.

Furthermore, Najeeb also enlightened the audience about the complexities on the flipside, including the considerations of hygiene, safety and security on a country-to-country basis and how any possible concerns are addressed, with a view to fostering active participation from all sections of society. Volunteering and Youth innovation programs are two of the key initiatives to harness the creative potential of young people.

Najeeb earnestly believes in encouraging impactful contributions from the Industry as well as Academia to catalyse the progress towards delivering Expo 2020 Dubai. In conclusion, he invited the audience to extend their contributions in various initiatives going towards and beyond Expo 2020 Dubai, in line with its motto of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’.

A networking session followed and concluded the Power Lunch afternoon.

More about the speaker:

Najeeb Mohammed Al-Ali is the Executive Director of the Expo 2020 Bureau, His role incorporates the alignment and coordination of Expo 2020 Dubai projects across all governmental entities. Previously, Najeeb was the Executive Director of the Emirates Competitiveness Council. He also served as the Director of Strategy and Policy in the United Arab Emirates Prime Minister’s Office, Director of Special Projects in The Executive Council of Dubai and the Executive Director of Dubai Centre for Corporate Values as well as various roles in TECOM investments and the Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company. Najeeb’s achievements include contributing to the United Arab Emirates Federal Strategy and Competitiveness Strategy as well as the Dubai Strategic Plan 2015, UAE vision 2021 and the development of Dubai’s green building policies.