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Driving Innovation In The Technology Industry

May 8, 2018
How can young people today make the most of the possibilities brought about by emerging technologies for a better tomorrow? ‘Driving Innovation in the Technology Industry’ Conference, by the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development and Young Arab Leaders (YAL), had this question as the focal element of discussions, with a view to fostering awareness through knowledge development. The conference was held at the Government Accelerators in Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai. Delivered in Arabic, the conference brought together over 60 inquisitive young minds, experts, businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds, all under one roof. Interesting correlations were found between the viewpoints of subject experts and industry leaders about emerging technologies and disruptive innovation. Maya Al Hawary, Chairwoman of the Board of Governors, Dubai Carmel School, opened the conference with her keynote address, ‘Is there room for Emotional Intelligence in a world driven by Artificial Intelligence?’ She brought out some thought-provoking points concerning the impact of Artificial Intelligence as compared to Emotional Intelligence and how AI technologies could benefit communities worldwide. An insightful panel discussion under the theme ‘4th Industrial Revolution: are UAE Entrepreneurs ready to seize the opportunity?’ saw four prominent industry leaders share their expertise as to how young entrepreneurs in the UAE can keep up with technological advancements and make the most the business opportunities the 4th Industrial Revolution would bring along. The high-profile panel comprised Ashraf Zeitoon – Managing Partner of Diplomacy Labs, Ned Jaroudi – YAL Board Member and Senior Advisor Innovation at Expo 2020 Dubai, Ammar Al Malik – Executive Director of Dubai Internet City and Ala Majaj – Chief Sales Officer of Geeks. The panelists discussed various perspectives and interacted with the audience by answering their questions. Following the panel discussions, Sabah Al Binali, CEO of Universal Strategy delivered a workshop on ‘Entrepreneurship: A Personal View’, in English, wherein Sabah simplified the overall landscape of entrepreneurship for a young audience, by dividing it into numerous, easily comprehensible aspects. He shared his insights as well as advice on cost-benefit analysis, product offerings, innovation, funding and trade-offs. He emphasized on the integral role of passion and drive in entrepreneurship and advised the attendees to stay staunch in their efforts, be inquisitive and leverage the power of networking to have a head start. Aspiring entrepreneurs shared their experiences and challenges through questions, which were fondly answered by Sabah, as part of the Q&A session. Finally, an open networking session concluded the conference. Young Arab Leaders (YAL) is pleased to have collaborated with the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, in organizing this unique conference, working towards a shared vision, acknowledging the fact that the values and objectives of this initiative are in line with YAL’s goals of fostering knowledge exchange and entrepreneurship among young Arab talent, especially in the dynamic technology industry.