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Arab Women In Leadership

Jun 15, 2020

Young Arab Leaders and She Is Arab  are partnering to deliver a unique series of webinars themed as "Arab Women in Leadership" to shed light on amazing success stories of Arab women, while discussing strategic and timely topics of relevance to the region

Webinar 1  - Fine-Tuning for a New Era: Women Leaders Taking Family Business Brands to a Global Scale

  • YAL Speaker Farida El Agamy - Co-Founder, Women in Family Business
  • Amina Ghaly - Head Designer, Azza Fahmy Jewellery
  • Fatma Ghaly - CEO, Azza Fahmy Jewellery Schedule: June 15, 2020 Monday 17:00-18:00 GST.  Watch the webinar

    Family businesses contribute an estimated 60% of the MENA region’s GDP, and in times of crises and pandemics, they play a major role in keeping the economy afloat. Some of the largest and long-standing family businesses in the MENA Region are recognizing the talent and unique skillset that Arab women bring to the table. As a result, more women are being promoted into leadership roles. The speakers who have addressed such exciting topics as: global, regional and personal reflections on vital qualities for success, the power of role models, growing up in a matriarchal society and much more!

    Webinar 2  - Webinar on Well-being and Emotional Intelligence

  • YAL Speaker Maya AlHawary - 1st PhD Scholar in EQ & Leadership - MENA Region
  • Rania Abu Rabia - Dare to Lead Certified Coach & President of ICF, Egypt Chapter Schedule: July 13, 2020 Monday 17:00 GST. Watch the webinar

    Having Emotional Intelligence (EI) and well-being is always essential for leaders, and even more so during the pandemic that has gripped the world. Why? Because understanding EI is the very attribute that helps navigate through uncertainty and potential loss. Emotions can have a great impact in how a leader is able to inspire and lead in times of crisis. It is a powerful tool for improving our work and home relationships and creating a healthy organizational culture. The good news? EI is a learnable skill. Whether you are a business owner, a CEO, a manager or a parent, tune in to this webinar to boost your EI.

  • Webinar 3  - Entrepreneurship and EdTech: A Global Paradigm Shift

  • YAL Member Helen Al Uzaizi - 1CEO of BizWorld UAE
  • Dina Sherif - Executive Director of MIT Legatum Center Schedule: August 24, 2020 Monday 17:00 GST. Watch the webinar

    Countries across the Arab World were responsive to school closures at variable rates, some coped very well with distance learning, while others struggled due to weaker digital infrastructure capabilities and reach within their own populations. Governments are now more supportive than ever of innovation in this sector, working in parallel on the public policy front to support the start-up ecosystem in this space and forge partnerships with the private sector to enable access to affordable high-quality education at scale delivered through previously thought of unconventional methods.